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Nepali movie ‘Loafer’ was released on December 6, 2013 in theaters all over Nepal. The movie could manage to create a good hype in media because the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha. Chhabi, who had been continuously working with Rekha Thapa for the last decade, had replaced Rekha with a new actress Rajani KC in ‘Loafer’. In addition to that, the movie is also the first movie of Chhabi Raj Ojha, that is especially targeted to multiplex audiences. The movie directed by Aditya Bikram Lamsal features artists Aryan Sigdel, Dayahang Rai, Rajani KC, and Kamal Mani Nepal in leading roles.

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‘Loafer’ is a story of Bhanta played by Dayahang Rai.  Bhanta joins two friends and one driver drinking wine in a bar. The party went on for the the whole night. In the next morning, they found an unconscious girl in their car. A news that the the girl, who happened to be the daughter of a Minister, kidnaped by a gang was published in every major newspapers.

The news and the unconscious girl left  Bhanta and other three worried. They planned to take girl to a farm house at Godawari. They were supposed to wait there for the girl to become conscious and they could send her back to her home. But when they reach to Godawari, they changed the plan. Now, the girl is really kidnapped by  Bhanta and the driver. On another side, an inspector, Sigdel,  investigating this case finds out the whereabouts of the girl. But, when Sigdel reaches the farm house, at Godavari, the real suspense of the movie unfolds. To know what the real suspense of the movie and the story of Bhunte, you can visit one of the almost 100 theatres the movie is running in.

Strength and Weakness:

‘Loafer’ has a very good story to start with. The story appeals to the the audience of multiplex theaters. Popular star cast of the movie is another major plus point of the movie. The audience of the city areas and multiplexes know the artists well. The director Aditya Bikram Lamsal however has been failed to present the excellent story and well known actors in an effective way.

‘Loafer’ is a good example of how a good story concept and good actors are not enough to win the heart of multiplexes audiences. The movie has failed in irritating ways for the audience of city areas. The overall presentation and background music do not seem fresh. Most of the scenes of the movie seem like stale scenes that people have watched before. The action scenes and songs don’t relate to the flow of the story.

In a few scenes, Kamal Mani Nepal has been successful in makes the audience laugh with his dialogue delivery style and facial expression. In a lot of scenes, the movie will give a feel of ‘Loot‘.  But, weak screenplay and weak presentation has ruined the good story of the movie.

Loud background music might work for the single-screen audience, but it doesn’t work well in multiplexes.

Star Cast:

The lead actor of the movie, Dayahang Rai is a good actor. But, in ‘Loafer’ he doesn’t have anything new to offer to the audience.  The movie revolves around the character  Bhanta but the character hasn’t been able to win the heart of audiences.

Aryan Sigdel, featured as inspector Sigdel sounds and acts like the police officers usually seen in most of the Bollywood movies. Such a character is so common in movies, the audiences can’t find anything new in Sigdel’s role. In essence – Aryan Sigdel and Dayahang Rai can perform much better than what they have done in ‘Loafer’.

The lead actress Rajani KC got a lot of free publicity because of the fact that she replaced Rekha Thapa in one of of Chhabi Raj Ojha’s film. Although she got a good publicity, the entry hasn’t helped her much as she doesn’t have a role that can prove her talents. Rajani seem to have done an special appearance. She hardly delivers five lines of dialogue and for acting she hasn’t been able to justify the expression of a kidnapped girl.

Kamal Mani Nepal’s performance is funny. Although his dialogues are funny he could have done more.

In essence, the director had failed to use the full potential of the actors strength of actors to make it a good movie and please the audience of multiplexes.


The story and concept of ‘Loafer’ is very good. Chhabi has done a good attempt to woo young audience with good story and artists.

But, the presentation failed miserably. Chhabi Raj Ojha has failed in catering the audience of multiplex theaters by ‘Loafer’. It seems, he is not yet ready to appeal to the young generation. The director has failed in presentation and utilizing the artist’s potential.

My recommendation: Forget the movie and save your money and time.

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