Miss Teen 2011 – Archana Panthi

Among 34 beautiful young girls, Archana Panthi won the title of Miss Teen 2011 on 2nd September that was held at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

This beauty pageant was presented by the Fashion Plus and the panel of judges were renowned actors Neer Shah, Rajesh Hamal, and beautician Kamala Shrestha.

Intially, Panthi, along with Rita Piya, Manisha Chhetri, Prakriti Tiwari, and Shweta Pokharel, made it to the top 5. Their answers to the question “Where do you see yourself standing, 10 years from now, in Nepal?” landed Panthi, Tiwari and Pokharel on a tie.

Hence, the judges put forward the final question in order to decide the winner: “Poet laureate Laxmi Prasad Devkota wrote the poem ‘K chha thulo jagatma pasina bibek, Udeshya k linu udi chhunu chandra ek. What did Devkota mean by the verse?’”

The answer that led Panthi to the title is:

 “To be honest, I don’t really see myself in a position where I can define the great poet’s work. However, if I were to say, then the verse means that the goal we achieve without any hard work does not have any value. It’s like they say hard work bears sweet fruit. We must have dreams and aims but we should always try to attain them from our effort.”
Tiwari and Pokharel were announced 1st and 2nd runner up respectively.
Other title winners are:
Miss Personality: Samjhana Grung
Miss Talent: Sweta Pokhrel
Miss Friendship: Mandita Thapa
Miss Photogenic: Anjali ThapaMagar
Miss Best Smile: Candy Lama
Miss Organiser Choice: Nani Joshi
Miss Veteran: Chandani Karki
Miss Entrepreneur: Malina Tandukar
Miss Best Hair: Archana Panthi
Miss Catwalk: Manisha Chhetri
Miss Leadership: Rita Piya
Viewer’s choice award: Sonu Lama

(Photo courtesy KathmanduCraze.com)


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