Mobile coverage to cover the top of the World

Cell for Yeti too Climbers have been calling home from the top of Mt. Everest. But that involves satellite phone, bulky and costly cousin of mobile phones we carry in our pocket. Looks like future climbers can carry the phone they have been used-to to call  back home to share their moments of scaling the top of the world. 

Nepal’s largest telecom company, Nepal Telecom (NT), is going to extend its GSM and CDMA mobile coverage to Mt. Everest by the end of this year. A satellite antenna will be installed for the purpose in Gorak Shep, located at an altitude of 5,160 meters. This however won’t be the first satellite antenna installed in the Everest region. Certain areas of the mountain have had coverage for the past few years by seven other antennas in the region.

It is told that the antennas can smoothly handle 3,000 calls at once.

Looks like NT is inspired by the first ever mobile phone call from the summit in 2007.

Was having a crazy idea of yeti carrying a cell phone, while writing this post… hence the picture :) News source: myrepublica

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