World Record – Cricket played at the highest altitude

To create a world record of cricket played at the highest altitude, a group of cricket enthusiasts from the United Kingdom completed at Gorak Shep, near Mount Everest on April 21, 2009. The team had to walk for nine days before staging the match at an altitude of 16,945 ft. (5,160 meters).

Everest Test 2009 Team Hillary with trophy after the victory in the Everest Test. (Photo:

Team Hillary beat Team Tenzing by 36 runs with six balls remaining.

The Nokia Maps Everest Test was inspired two years ago when cricket-mad expedition leader Richard Kirtley, 28, noticed that Gorak Shep, the highest plateau of its size in the world, bore a striking resemblance to the Oval cricket ground in south London, according to CNN. (myrepublica)

Guinness World Records is yet to recognize it as a world record as it does not have an entry for the highest altitude for a field sport. Let’s wish them luck to get an entry in the Guinness World Records!

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