Models accused of human trafficking

Two models Ramita Bhandari and Sabu Shah were arrested on charges of trafficking young girls promising lucrative jobs in Singapore. After a complaint lodged by a Singapore return, Anita Nakarmi, the police has arrested the model-duo from Imadol. Anita accused them of trafficking several girls including herself in bars in Singapore. Ramita and Sabu were planning to go to Singapore on Saturday, August 14.


ramita-bhandari - 3 Ramita Bhandari hails from Hetauda and has done some modeling shots for a fashion website Cybersansar. Shah is from Samakhusi. Both Bhandari and Shah have admitted that they were dancers in the dance bars in Singapore, but they denied their involvement in trafficking.

According to Anita Nakarmi, the model-duo take Rs. 800,000 per person for beautician studies in Singapore. But, when they reach Singapore, they are forced to dance in dance bars.

The police had become more suspicious when they found two copies of passport with each of the models.

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  1. heraaaa model ko bejat gari haleyo ni yo khattam kt harule …..tesai tahh model harlai naramro bhanchan yesto kt haru lai tahh fasi lagayera mardina parcha ….

  2. ohh no this ramita bhandari and sabu might be classic bhalu in kathmandu they know this business can thrive money over night, better they can go them selve in golf country for get good money n full enjoy with musulte sala bhalu haru aru lai kina fasaunu

  3. ……it’s really shocking news. what the hell is happening to all of us? why we are turning from bad to worst…and even it’s more shocking when socially recognized person so?……really really …shocking

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