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Pre-release review of Dhunwaa Yo Nasha was posted previously.

After a week of release in theaters out of Kathmandu on October 19, ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’ it was released in theraters in Kathmandu on October 26. The release started with a good publicity coupled with good star cast. ‘Dhunwa Yo Nasha’ made on a story of drug and its impact in the society and personal relationships. The movie features Aryan Sigdel and Nisha Adhikari in the lead role, produced by Ram Prasad Rijal, and directed by Laxman Rijal.


dhuwann_nashaDhunwa Yo Nasha is a story of the vocalist of a music band, Avisekh, also known as Avi (played by Aryan Sigdel). He had formed the music band with to of his friends and a brother. Avi has a crush towards his classmate Sameera (Nisha Adhikari) and used a drug to gather the courage to propose her. Avi gets addicted to the drug and at one point he had to choose between drug and Sameera. Both, the drug and Sameera were important to him and he didn’t want to loose any of them. On his friend’s suggestion he helped Sameera get addicted to the drug.

Will Sameera find out that she was given drug unknowingly by Avi? How will they get out of it or will their life ruined by the drug? I don’t want to ruin your movie watching experience by revealing the entire story.

Strength and Weakness:

‘Dhunwa Yo Nasha’ is a movie targeted to city dwelling the audience, especially the youths of city area. For that purpose, the story is good but, presentation of the story is not that good. The production team had done some good publicity from the start. The media coverage and the controversy in the start had helped it in gaining some viewers. But, star cast and media coverage are not enough for the success of the movie.

The movie has tried to present the negative effects of the use of drugs. But, the director hasn’t done proper study on drug users and their characters. The drug user Avi’s character doesn’t reflect a real life drug-user’s characters. The first half of the movie doesn’t have anything that motivates a viewer to watch the second half of the movie. The story is very disjointed and some scenes are unnecessarily elongated and some sub-stories and scenes are unrelated to the main story. The background score of Mohit Munal is below average. The song “Badha na Badha…” sung by Sanup Paudel is somewhat better and is the only song that is good enough.

Director Laxman Rijal’s previous attempts to make formula movies wasn’t that successful and, this movie has proved that he can’t make a good movie for youths either. ‘Dhunwa Yo Nasha’ doesn’t have anything to woo the youths.

Star Cast:

The news of Aryan Sigdel being paid Rs. 4 lakh helped ‘Dhunwa Yo Nasha’ to get a good media coverage. But, Aryan performance in the movie doesn’t seem to be worth the amount he is paid. Aryan’s performance is average and there is nothing new in his performance. His attempt on portraying a drug addict is very poor.

Nisha Adhikari’s performance is also average and she doesn’t offer anything new or anything glamorous. It may be due to the lack of proper justification of the character Sameera, Nisha hasn’t done anything significant.


Dhunwa Yo Nasha is a below-average movie. This is another example to prove that paying a highest amount to an actor doesn’t help in making a good movie. Although the movie is made on drug addiction, the movie also fails to give an encouraging message to the youths.

Not recommended!

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  1. Good to see such nice Nepali movies otherwise fade with all those bollywood copy cat movies from a to z..plz make film like this in future too…All the best with this movie Dhuwaa yo nasha ko……Nisha Adhikari u rock!!!

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