Movie review – Dhunwaa Yo Nasha

Pre-release review of Dhunwaa Yo Nasha was posted previously.

After a week of release in theaters out of Kathmandu on October 19, ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’ it was released in theraters in Kathmandu on October 26. The release started with a good publicity coupled with good star cast. ‘Dhunwa Yo Nasha’ made on a story of drug and its impact in the society and personal relationships. The movie features Aryan Sigdel and Nisha Adhikari in the lead role, produced by Ram Prasad Rijal, and directed by Laxman Rijal.


Dhunwa Yo Nasha is a story of the vocalist of a music band, Avisekh, also known as Avi (played by Aryan Sigdel). He had formed the music band with to of his friends and a brother. Avi has a crush towards his classmate Sameera (Nisha Adhikari) and used a drug to gather the courage to propose her. Avi gets addicted to the drug and at one point he had to choose between drug and Sameera. Both, the drug and Sameera were important to him and he didn’t want to loose any of them. On his friend’s suggestion he helped Sameera get addicted to the drug.

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Nepali Movie – Dhunwaa yo nasha (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Dhunwa yo nasha’ is released on  October 26, 2012 in Kathmandu. The movie directed by Laxman Rijal features Aryan Sigdel, Nisha Adhikari, Yubraj Pokherel, Dipesh Kadariya, Ramesh Budhathoki, Sishir Rana in main roles.

The movie features the cinematoraphy of Rameshwor Karki, fight direction of Asta Maharjan, music direction of Lochan Ghimire, choreography of Shiva BK, and editing of Bipin Malla.

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4 new movies released today for Dashain holidays

To cash the festive mood during the biggest Nepali festival and the longest public holidays, film makers have released four new movies on Friday, October 19. The movies released today include ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’, ‘Ke Ma Timro Saathi Banna Sakchhu’, ‘So Simple’ and ‘Loot Company’.

Out of the four, two are releasing in theaters all over Nepal and two,  ‘Dhuwaa Yo Nasha’ and ‘So Simple’ are releasing in only the theaters out of Kathmandu. Both of them will be featured in Kathmandu theaters next week on October 26.

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