Dashain releases couldn't make money in the holiday season

Dashain is the free and fun time for most of the Nepali people. To cash on the festive mood of the people four Nepali movies were released at once on October 19. But, by the end of Dashain it is clear that none of the movie did satisfactory business.


Our reviewer Raunak has found that one of the most talked about movie ‘Dhuwaan yo Nasha‘ had nothing in it. Does that mean our filmmakers take the holidays for granted and release sub-standar
d movies in such times?

The filmmakers have admitted that, this Dashain was the worst one in the history of Nepali movies. The message is clear – filmmakers shouldn’t take holiday seasons for granted. They should make good movies and they shouldn’t ruin viewers’ festive mood. Let’s hope they have learnt the lesion.

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