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Pre-release review of Full Stop was posted previously.

Nepali feature film ‘Full Stop’, promoted as a thriller movie, was released all over Nepal on August 31, 2012. The movie received an adult certificate due to some of the thrilling scenes that may not be suitable for the audiences of age below 16 years. ‘Full Stop’ features Binita Baral and Sabin Shrestha in lead role and is directed by Kamal Krishna Poudel.


‘Full Stop’ starts with an action scene, having nothing to do with the main story. The lead character, Abhi (Sabin Shrestha) helps two of his friends to get married. So his gang leaves for Manakamana. Prachi (Bineeta Baral) is his love interest. After marriage and some fun they stay at a resort. Next day, both new married couple gets vanished from their room. So they stay for more few days to search them. While searching them, other members of their gang were being killed one by one. Who is killing them and why? Let me not ruin your movie watching experience by exploring the real story behind this mystery.

Strengths and Weakness:

The director has tried his best to make the movie a thriller, as publicized, but the thriller sequences don’t go that well. The movie starts with an action scene and a light comedy with a little sex and vulgar. Although the initial scene was successful in creating curiosity among the audience until interval, what follows is not presented as expected. When the mystery unfolds, rather than being thrilled or scared, the audience would laugh (not in a comical way) at the story behind the murder. 

The story of ‘Full Stop’ doesn’t have anything new to offer and one can feel the influence of Bollywood thriller movies in it.  Screenplay is very weak, and it seems like the story has been taken from one of the horror Bollywood movie ‘Kuch To Hai’ and the screenplay has been changed a little by adding some vulgar jokes and a few intimate scenes. But, one can easily feel the lack of creativity while copying from the Bollywood flick.

The only appreciable thing in the movie were two songs and they sound good.

The movie is not a thriller movie as advertised because, there aren’t any thrilling or scary sequences in it. Just to cash in the latest trend of sex and vulgarity the director has shoved in intimate scenes in a cheap way. The love chemistry between Abhi and Prachi is also not presented properly.

Star Cast

Binita Baral’s has performed well in the role of Prachi. She looks good and has delivered he dialogues in proper way. Some of the viewers who have expected the ‘Chapali Girl’ to be featured in glamorous and intimate scene might get disappointed because she doesn’t have such scenes in ‘Full Stop’.
Sabin Shrestha has nothing new to offer in his role as Abhi. His dialogue delivery is average and he is not as good as expected. The performance of other supporting actors are also average.
The performance of actors play a strong role in making audiences thrilled and afraid. In case of ‘Full Stop’ the performance is so weak that it doesn’t feel like a thriller movie.

The director Kamal Krishna Poudel seems to be in a hurry to direct his second movie. He hasn’t done proper homework on screenplay and it has ruined the movie. The scenes supposed to be thrilling or scary are so unrealistic that the audience would laugh at them instead of sitting on the edges of seats.

Not a thriller!

Some light comedy and vulgar scenes might help the movie a little bit. But, the audience who wants to watch a Nepali thriller movie might need to wait a little longer – ‘Full Stop’ is not an answer. It doesn’t have anything thrilling and it is an average movie inspired from the Bollywood movie ‘Kuch To Hai’ but, not to that caliber.

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