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The upcoming movie ‘Classic’ repeats the ‘November Rain’ couple Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha in leading role. The movie by the same production team is also a highly awaited movie because of the success of ‘November Rain’. The movie is the story of two blind characters played by Aryan and Namrata. The movie is expected to release on February 12, just in time for the Valentine Day.

classic audio jukebox

The movie ‘Classic’ is a presentation of Aryan Sigdel Entertainment and Subash Entertainment production movie. Directed by Dinesh Raut the movie features Romi Ghimire, Prajwal Sujal Giri, Shisir Rana and Sushil Kafle with Aryan and Namrata. The producer of the movie is Subash Giri. The Jukebox attached at the end features six songs. Out of the six songs, two are different versions of the same song. Details of each of the songs:

The musician of all the songs is Tara Prakash Limbu.

  • Sunaulo … (Singer – Melina Rai/Kosis Chhetri, Lyrics – Dinesh Raut)
  • Haree … (Singer – Yubraj Chaulagai, Lyrics – Dinesh Raut)
  • Yo Ke ho … (Singer: Kosis Chhetri;  Lyrics – Dayaram Pandey)
  • Prakriti Ko Sundar … (Singer: Melina Rai; Lyrics: Dr. Krishnahari Baral)
  • Sunaulo (Unplugged) … (Singer: Melina Rai/Kosis Chhetri; Lyrics: Dinesh Raut)

Listen to the songs of the movie:

Credit – Subas Entertainment.

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