Music Khabar Music Award 2012 – unknown winners

A music award named ‘Music Khabar Music Award 2012’ was recently held in Kathmandu. But, to the surprise of the professionals in music industry, very few knew about the award. In the award ceremony, there were more non-musicians than musicians.

Although only awards for 22 categories were to be awarded in the ceremony according to a press released previously, 25 awards were distributed during the actual event. After the event, many complained that the award winners were not the deserving candidates. Some of the award winning creations wer
e even previously unheard of.

Awarded music and music artists:

  1. Best National Song – Ratna Shumsher (Ek muthi chamal)
  2. Best Pop Singer – Male – Shiva Thapa Magar (Kasari Bachu)
  3. Best Pop Singer – Female – Indira Joshi (Rato Ghaghara)
  4. Best Folk Singer, Male – Bimal Dangi (Yo mutu timrai ho)
  5. Best Folk Singe , Female – Devi Gharti (Jimbal bako)
  6. Best Folk tune – Basanta Thapa (Dandai furke sallo)
  7. Best Folk lyrics – Badri Pangini (Ma ta nepali)
  8. Best Folk song album – Asta Narayan Bhandari (Nyauli)
  9. Best folk music video direction – Shankar BC (Ma ta nepali)
  10. Best playback singer, male  – Pramod Kharel (Kina Lagchha Maya)
  11. Best playback singer, female – Mandabi Tripathi (Simple Simple Kanchi ko)
  12. Best movie lyrics – Shantipriya (Maya Mero Phool)
  13. Best movie music – Laxman Sesh (Kina Lagchha Maya)
  14. Best new talent – Praladh Timil
    sina (He He Jun)
  15. Best new talent, female – Sahima Shrestha (Hereko Herei)
  16. Best duet singing – Dev Ale and Anju Pant (Jindagiko Dobatoma)
  17. Best music composition – Rajkumar Bagar (Phool jastai Man)
  18. Best music composer – Amul Karki Dhali (Pareliko Barshatle)
  19. Best music video direction, sugam – Shiva Bika (usale jati maya)
  20. Best sugam sangeet – lyrics – Ramesh Kchitiz
  21. Best sugam music – Shantosh Shrestha (Pareliko Barshatle)
  22. Best sugam singer, female – Durga Kharel (Bacha Ta Gare)
  23. Best sugam singer, male – Shishir Yogi (Siyoko tuppole)
  24. Best sugam song album – Hari Shrestha (Bichhodma)
  25. Honor – Garima Gyawali

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