Namrata to debut in theater with Oleanna

Actress and model Namrata Shrestha is going to start acting in theater with a debut role in an English play "Oleanna". The play will start from December 2, 2011 under the direction of by Deborah Herola.

Oleanna is a controversial two-character play by David Mamet. The play is about the power struggle between a university professor and one of his female students, who accuses him of sexual exploitation and, by doing so, spoils his chances of being accorded tenure.

The three act play was later adopted to a movie by the same name by Mamet.

The rehearsal of the play is currently going on. The play will feature actors Namrata, Anup Baral, Diya Maskey, and Shanti Giri.

It seems, Namrata is feeling good these days as she has decided to do the theater role. She was sick for some time during the Dashain festival and the doctors had told her that she has stone in her kidney.