Nepal Bandha affecting Movie releases

A number of movies scheduled to be released in the weeks ahead have postponed because of political uncertainty in the days ahead. At the time when the constitution is to be released (it is scheduled to be released on Jestha 14) various political parties have beefed up their demand and power shows. Frequent closure of businesses and transportation as a mean of protest, commonly named "Nepal Bandha" have affected the lives of every Nepali. Every sector including education, business, entertainment and public sector have been affected by frequent Nepal Bandha these days.  Let’s talk about the cancellation of the release of a some of most awaited and hopeful Nepali movies because of Nepal bandha.


Today, on May 5, 2012, ‘Saayad’ is being released in theaters across Nepal.  But, due to Nepal Bandha its release in theaters outside the valley was postponed. Although the release in Kathmandu valley is going on as schedule, it is a bitter start as all the theatres are closed on the first day of it’s release.

The producer of ‘Apabad,’ a movie scheduled to be released on Jestha 5 (May 18), has decided it is not the right time for the release and postponed the release date. The producer of ‘Apabad’, Susan Prajapati, has told that the release of the movie in USA and Australia will however be on the scheduled date. Release in Nepal will only be decided based on the political situation in the country.

Similarly Pradip Uday, the producer of ‘Malatiko Bhatti’ has also announced the cancellation of the release of the movie previously scheduled to release on Jestha 12 (May 25).

‘Saayad’, ‘Apabad’, and ‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ were waiting for their release for a long time and at the final stage the release is affected by ‘Nepal Bandha‘. We hope, the political turmoil won’t affect the recent revival of the Nepali movie industry.

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