Nepal Idol controversy, court ordered to stop vote counting, what next? (UPDATE – AP 1 response)

The Kathmandu District Court has ordered the organizer of Nepal Idol reality show to stop counting the vote by the viewers and present at the court on Bhadra 23 (September 10, 2017). According to reports, the court has ordered to submit the originals of the voting to AP1 TV.

The court was responding to the application of Yagyamani Neupane against the organizer of making one-sided decisions on the organization of the show. According to the decision by the district judge, Diwakar Bhatta, the future of the program will be decided after the decision made on September 10.

What is Nepal Idol?

A singing competition reality show franchise titled ‘idol’ had been quite popular in different countries. After a huge success in India titled ‘Indian Idol’ a similar contest is being held in Nepal. The show is being organized by a new Television station by the Annapurna newspaper group, AP1 TV.

The show had been controversial since its beginning. The judges and the participants had gone through various controversies but, it was the fist time one of the controversies reach the court. The show was sued after nobody was eliminated in last week’s show (31st Aug, 2017). The votes by the public were carried forward to the next week in which the fate of one of the four contestants will be determined. But, if the court decides otherwise, the contest might be delayed or stopped.

The first season of Nepal Idol started in April of 2017. The judges of the show are musician Kali Prasad Baskota, musician Nhyoo Bajracharya and singer Indira Joshi. The first episode of the show was aired on 19th April, 2017.

At the time of this writing, there are four contestants trying to be the first Nepal Idol. In coming days, three of the contestants will be eliminated. The episodes in coming days are going to be more interesting because the first runner up and the second runner up will also get a hefty prize but the fourth will not get any.

UPDATE: AP1 TV has responded to the court decision by posting a long response. In the response (attached below) written in Nepali language, the TV station has questioned why they can’t follow the rules set in international shows. It has claimed that the channel hasn’t forced anybody to vote for the contestants.

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