Karishma Manandhar goes to school (Admitted to Grade 9, for real), will Rekha follow?

The actress in her 40s has decided that she needs to complete her high school. At the time the daughter is about to get her University degree, the mother, Karishma Manandhar has decided to complete her high school studies.

Karishma had left school when she was studying in grade 8. She never passed the grade as she was busy in acting. When she was engulfed in the limelight of the film world, she had no time for the books. But, from time to time, lack of education haunted Karishma.

Whenever she went out of the film industry, she realized how important education is. After a few initial movies, she went to Mumbai for acting training. She realized that she would have benefited more if she had studied more. When she went to the USA for a few years, lack of education was the main hurdle in getting jobs and even to get the Green Card. She went through English language training and learnt the language.

When she started politics in Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s party – Naya Shakti, the lack of education haunted again. There was a proposal in the party that every leaders should have a minimum education. The proposal thankfully failed. But, Karishma made a huge decision recently. She decided to go to schools and complete her high school.

She secretly passed grade 8 from Galaxy Public School last year. This year, she is admitted in Grade 9 at Triveni Public School in Maitidevi.

About her education Karishma says that the she made the decision on the suggestion of the party president, Baburam Bhattarai. She saya, “I started acting when I was 14-years old. Although I believe I have PhD level knowledge in cinema, I still need to get the formal education.”

Although she is admitted as a regular student, she doesn’t go to classes regularly. Karishma is currently working as the chief of the Cultural Wing of Naya Shakti Party.

Like Karishma, actress Rekha Thapa had also left her studies after she became busy in films. Just like Karishma, Rekha has also kept education a secret. Like Karishma, Rekha has also joined RPP party. Now, I won’t be surprised if Rekha also started going to school.

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