Nepali Movie – Aawara (2017)

Nepali Movie – Aawara
Starring – Rajesh Dhungana, Harshika Shrestha etc.
Director – Dinesh Poudel

About ‘Aawara’

A presentation of Rajesh Dhungana, Nepali movie ‘Aawara’ is made under Ruku Films banner. Rajesh is also featured in leading role opposite to Harshika Shrestha The producers of the movie arre Ugrashen Dhungana and Jhama Lama. The music of the movie is composed by Om Sunar, action by Himal KC, editing by Nabin Niraula and the cinematography by Shambhu Sapota. The movie was released on May 16, 2016 (Read release news of ‘Aawara’)

There is another movie named ‘Aawara’ featuring Rajesh Hamal. And, another movie named similarly is ‘Aawaran’ featuring Priyanka Karki in leading role. Both movies are available to watch in xnepali.

Watch ‘Aawara’ full Nepali movie:

Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Aawara’

The producer Rajesh Dhungana is featured in the leading role. Actress Harshika Shreshta is featured in opposite to Rajesh. Harshika has left the Nepali film industry after marrying an Indian businessman Prasun Jhunjhunwal. She is living in Calcutta these days. Although she has told that she hasn’t left the film industry it seems her return to the industry is not that easy. Other artists in the movie are new artists.
Poster of Aawara

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