Nepali Movie – Ajambari Saino

Active Groups presents in Aakash Ganga Cine banner
Nepali Movie – Ajambari Saaino
Starring – Subash Meche, Deep Sapkota, Sanjaya Subba, Rajan Karki etc.
Director – Bhim Mukhiya

Full movie ‘Ajambari Saino’ in a single part:

the film is removed now watch another movie

Credit – Music Nepal

About ‘Ajambari Saino’

The movie is an action movie of Subash Meche. A presentation of Netra Upreti, ‘Ajamabari Saino’ is made by Active Groups under Aakash Ganga Cine banner. The movie is directed by Bhim Mukhya. The script and the story of the movie is written by Rabin Shree.

The movie was previously posted in xNepali. The viewers weren’t much happy by the presentation of the movie. One of the viewers, Sabita (on March 10, 2011) wrote, “This movie really sucks.”

Poster of Ajambari Saino:

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