Friday Release – Ek Pal, Pratibimba and Suntalilai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele

This week three new Nepali movies have released. Moives released on August 5, 2016 are ‘Ek Pal’, ‘Pratibimba’ and ‘Suntalilai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele’. Two of the movies feature actress Jenisha KC in main role.

friday release august 5

Nepali Movie ‘Ek Pal’

Actress Jenisha KC is usually featured in hot avatar in movies. But, in ‘Ek Pal’ is featured in a very simple role. The movie features RL Maharjan, Aakash Shah, Suraj Shrestha and Jenisha KC in leading role. The movie directed by Raj Shakya is

Trailer of ‘Ek Pal’

Nepali movie ‘Pratibimba’

The movie ‘Pratibimba’ (Reflection) wasn’t promoted much before its release. The movie directed by Kishore Rana Magar features the cinematography of Yam Ale, music of Rajkumar Bagar, choregraphy of Kamal Rai and action of Shankar Maharjan. The editor is Tara Thapa ‘Kimbhe’.

Trailer of ‘Pratibimba’

Nepali movie ‘Suntalilai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele’

A movie made on the story of a village features a young girl Suntali. There are a lot of guys who want to lure Suntali for relationship. One of those guys is Jhilke. In the comedy movie Suntali elopes with Jhilke.

The movie directed by Rishi Raj Acharya, named after a classical folk song by the same words. The movie featured Surajani KC in lead role. The movie is the debut movie of Surajani in a leading role. The lead actor is Sushil Sitaula. Sushil debuted in ‘Hostel Returns’. Other actors include Sushant Karki, Shishir Bhandari with Surajani and Sushil Sitaula. The movie features the cinematography of Rahul Rai, choreography of Gjhambhir Bista, editing of Nabin Sitaula. The director Rishi Raj Acharya is also the producer of the movie.

Trailer of Suntalilai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele’

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