Nepali Movie – Badiniko Byatha

Nepali Film – Badiniko Byatha
StarringDeepa Shree Niraula, Baboo Bogati, Puspa Shrestha, Kabita Sharma etc.
Director – Mohan Shah

The Nepali movie ‘Badiniko Betha’ is the first movie produced by Rshidutta Library.  The movie is a docudrama made on a 2056BS study of Badini women. It features the autobiography of the real Badini. The movie features the music of Tulasi Parajuli, lyrics of Mohan Shah, cinematography  / editing by Mohan Bikram Shah, executive Producer DP Shah ‘Chakrabarti’ and written by the director, Mohan Shah.

Full movie in two parts:

This is place holder of the movie. I will update this post as soon as the movie is made available online.

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