First teaser of Bhale Fight released

The trailer of a new movie titled ‘Bhale Fight’ was released recently. Scheduled to release in two months, in around Jestha, the movie is about the role of a woman in the success of a man.

bhale fight poster 1

The social drama movie ‘Bhale Fight’ is made on the script and direction of Ashok Rai. Featuring Baboo Bogati, Sandeep Chhetri, Ajaya Shrestha and Reema Bishowkarma in main roles, the movie is produced by Bhoj Bahadur Gurung.

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Chhabi says Shilpa Pokharel will forget him after Hawaldar Suntali

The ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ producer Chhabi Raj Ojha has told that it is likely that Shilpa Pokharel will be too busy after the release of the movie that she might forget him. Talking about how good the movie has become, Chhabi said that the demand of Shilpa will suddenly increase after the movie. Shilpa Pokharel is currently in Burgunj for the shooting of Karishma Manandhar‘s movie ‘Falgu’. Chhabi told that he had called Shilpa and told her about his fear.

After watching the final product of the movie, Chhabi told that the movie reminded him of the super-hit movie of Rekha Thapa, ‘Himmat’ (watch ‘Himmat’ in full here). He says that the movie has everything a viewer wants to see in a movie. He says that the movie is made on the South Indian style – popular among the youth audience.

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Nepali Movie – Badiniko Byatha

Nepali Film – Badiniko Byatha
StarringDeepa Shree Niraula, Baboo Bogati, Puspa Shrestha, Kabita Sharma etc.
Director – Mohan Shah

The Nepali movie ‘Badiniko Betha’ is the first movie produced by Rshidutta Library.  The movie is a docudrama made on a 2056BS study of Badini women. It features the autobiography of the real Badini. The movie features the music of Tulasi Parajuli, lyrics of Mohan Shah, cinematography  / editing by Mohan Bikram Shah, executive Producer DP Shah ‘Chakrabarti’ and written by the director, Mohan Shah.

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Mala premier held, Priyanka scared of her own character

The movie to release this week on Friday, ‘Mala’ was premiered in Q’s Cinema Kathmandu on March 18. In the premier show held among film artists, journalists and guests. The viewers of the show include the actor Aryan Sigdel, actress Priyanka Karki and all the crew of the production team. 

Actress Priyanka is playing the leading character, Mala, in the movie. Priyanka sitting next to ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba was once scared of her own picturisation as the soul of the character she has played. She later confirmed that it was the first time she had actually seen the movie. In addition to Priyanka, other actresses were also scared by the movie. Actress Benisha Hamal, Nandita KC and choreographer Renasha Rai admitted being scared by the movie. Priyanka’s character is silent throughout the movie.

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Anup Baral to direct Dokh, a story of a football game

Actor and director Anup Baral is all set to start the shooting of a new movie titled ‘Dokh’. The movie featuring mostly the theater artists is scheduled to start the shooting this week.

Anup started film direction in ‘Fitkiri’ (watch ‘Fitkiri’ in full here). Although the movie was not as successful as expected, his theater play ‘Court Martial’ featuring actor was very successful. ‘Dokh’ will be his second directorial venture in Nepali movie industry.

The script of ‘Dokh’ was selected in a competition held by the production company, ALP Entertainment. ALP Entertainment had previously made ‘Ritu’ (watch ‘Ritu’ in full here). The script by the writer of ‘Mokshya’, Rajan Kathayat, was selected for the movies. ‘Dokh’ is a story of a football match between two villages during the Maoist people’s war time.  The movies pictures the conflict and hatred through the football game.

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