Nepali Movie – Brakefail (2011) Rajesh Hamal, Richa Ghimire

Nepali Movie – Brakefail
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Richa Ghimire, Bimlesh Adhikari, Ashmita Kandel etc.
Director – Shankar Ghimire

This Nepali movie is a presentation of actress Richa Ghimire made under her own home production. In addition, the director, Shankar Ghimire, is also her husband. Shankar and Richa had teamed up to produce another movie titled ‘Tulasi’. The movie is yet to release in Nepal. Shankar and Richa couple have gone to the US in the name of showing the movie there.

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About ‘Brakefail’

This is a comedy film featuring a set of talented cast of comedy actors. The lead character Rashi (Richa Ghimire) is a young, headstrong woman who is deeply in love with a charismatic social-worker Drona (Rajesh Hamal). There are two thieves Prayash and Koshish who are also in love with Rashi.

A journalist friend of Rashi, Raj is looking for an interesting story for his journalistic work. A Police inspector, Chiran, is also looking for a sensational arrest to help in his career. Their such desires brings them together in a beautiful place in far-west Nepal.

In summary, Brake Fail is full of comedy, full of laughs, love and soulful music – perfect entertainment package.

Stars – Richa Ghimire, Rajesh Hamal, Niraj Baral, Bimlesh Adhikari, Subash Thapa, Chran Bimali, Pushkar Bhatt, Mamata Pradhan etc.
Music by Satya and Swaroop Raj Acharya
Story and Script written by Dinesh Neupane
The producers are Manoj Kumar Ghimire, Shiva Hari Karki, and Prdeep Singh

The film director Shankar Ghimire, is the husband of actress Richa Ghimire. Shanakar and Richa Ghimire are currently living in the USA. They had produced other moives like ‘Tulsi’. The couple went to Canada and USA to show their movies to the Nepali communities in the area. They however didn’t return back to Nepal from the visit and settled down in the USA.

Poster of the film:

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