Nepali movie – Chor

Nepali movie – Chor
Starring, Bipana Thapa, Mina Shrestha, Narayan Tripathi, Laba Sharma, Anajali Lama, Deepak Raj Giri, Gopal Raj Mainali, Gopal Nepal Fistey, Daman Rupakheti etc.
Director – Raj Kumar Sharma

Watch the full movie ‘Chor’ in a single part:

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About ‘Chor’

The Nepali movie ‘Chor’ is the second movie of the popular banner CB Films. The movie directed by Raj Kumar Sharma is written by Rachin. Rachin has also written the script and the dialogue of the movie. The movie features a lot of comedy actors including Narayan Tripathi, Deepak Raj Giri, Goparl Raj Mainali, Gopal Nepal, and Daman Rupakheti.

The movie is told to be a copy of Hindi movie ‘Andhi’. Please comment if you also think so.

‘Chor’ Star casts

Rajesh Hamal – The lead actor of ‘Chor’ is superstar Rajesh Hamal. The profile and the movies featuring Rajesh Hamal is available in this page.

Bipana Thapa – The lead actress of ‘Chor’, Bipana Thapa has left the film industry after she married an Indian national and left Nepal to live with him in India. Click on the link for the profile and the list of movies featuring Bipana.

Narayan Tripathi – The profile of comedy actor Narayan Tripathi is available here.

Deepak Raj Giri – The writer and director of popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’, Deepak has written and produced two superhit movies ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and ‘Woda Number Chha’. (watch ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ here)

Gopal Raj Mainali – Probably the first greatest comedian in the history of the Nepali movie industry, late Gopal Raj Mainali, was known as Chankhe, after the character in the movie ‘Jeevan Rekha’. (The profile of Gopal Raj Mainali is coming soon in xnepali)


Nadim Tamang on (May 17, 2010 )
This movie is A to Z copy of Indian Movie Anadi.

Poster of ‘Chor’

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