Nepali Movie – Eutai Bhul (Dilip Rayamajhi)

Nepali Movie – Eutai Bhul
Starring  – Dilip Rayamajhi, Dipak Tamang, Arpana Singh, Smarika Thapaliya etc.
Script/Dialogue – Mukti Upadhaya (Baral)
Story / Direction – Pramanu Pradhan (Bom)

The movie is the first film mad under Dipak Films banner. Presented by Gopal Subba, the story of ‘Eutai Bhul’ is by the director Pramanu Pradhan. The script and the dialogue are written by Mukti Upadhaya (Baral).

Watch full movie here.

Credit – OSR Digital

About Dilip Rayamajhi

One of the top actors of his time Dilip Rayamajhi became popular after the success of ‘Darpan Chhaya’. A very good dancer, Dilip is also a producer and choreographer in movies. Dilip has recently relocated to the USA with his family after obtaining the Green Card. He is married to Manju Rayamajhi and has a daughter named Dipika Rayamajhi.

The movies Dilip had produced include “Hami Saathi Bhai” and “Shahid”. Other artists in the movies are not as well known as Dilip.

Poster of the movie:

Viewers’ comments

“mero kaka ko flim ta really ramro lago hau bises garera dipak ko fight .”
By – manoj poudel

“Very nice movie” – Rana bir subba

The movie was originally released online in xnepali on Jul 31, 2011.

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