Nepali Movie – Hamro Sangharsha

Nepali Movie – Hamro Sangharsha
StarringSimanta Udhas, Kesu Gurung, Rom Gimire, Binuka Subba, Pradip Puri, Madan Rai, Kailash Baraili etc.
Director – Dinesh Raj Shrestha

About ‘Hamro Sangharsha’

Nepali movie ‘Hamro Sangharsha’ is a presentation of Arambha Cine Arts in assoication with Limbuwan Chalachitra and Artist Association. The movie is a presentation of Bachan Yottena. The movie is about Limbuwan revolution in Nepal. The movie features the cinematography by Bikram DC, story by Rom Ghimire, background score Parshu Ram Chaudhary, music by Bikash Chaudhary and Yubaraj Portel, choreography by Narayan Rijal, action by Kailash Baraili, graphics / editing by Renu Chaudhary, script and dialogue by the director Dinesh Raj Shrestha.

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Credit – OSR Digital

Star Cast of ‘Hamro Sangharsha’

The actor Simanta Udas is one of the well known actors of the Nepali film industry. Other actors are not that known in the industry. As the movie is targeted to the Limbu community, the movie wasn’t that well known in other communities.

Poster of ‘Hamro Sangharsha’

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