RP Bhattarai, Lajalam remembered on 12th day of his death

The comedy actor, RP Bhattarai, popularly known as Lajalam after his character in ‘Tito Satya’, had died on December 9, 2016. On the 12th day of his death, Nepali artists gathered at Pragya Bhawan to pay tribute to him. At the program, various artists talked about Bhattarai and remembered the time they had spent with him. A video report on what the participants told about Lajalam:

During the event, Deepa Shree Niraula cried and remembered how she used to scold RP Bhattarai. She wished she hadn’t scolded him that much. She remembered how helpful he used to be and how she suggested him not to eat much.

Ma of MaHa comedy duo, Madan Krishna Shrestha, also expressed his sadness on the untimely demise of one of the popular comedy actors. RP’s friend Narad Khatiwada also remembered the fun time he used to have with Lajalam. He also told some jokes but it was not a funny event to laugh at jokes.

Speakers in the event were Kiran KC, Jitu Nepal and a lot of other artists.

RP Bhattarai became popular after he was featured in ‘Tito Satya’. Hence, Deepak and Deepa can be credited in the popularity of Lajalam. He had also worked in the movies including ‘Chhaka Panja’. The film team had postponed the 100-days celebration because of RP Bhattarai’s death.

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