Nepali Movie – Hungama

Nepali Movie – Hangama
Starring, Ramit Dhungana, Jharana Thapa, Rejina Upreti etc.
Direction – Prithivi Rana Magar, Ram Sharan Ghimire

The movie ‘Hungama’ is a presentation of Dhan Bahadur Rana Magar for World Vision Entertainment (in association with Sagarmatha Entertainment, HK). The script and dialogue of the movie is written by Prithivi Rana Magar.

Full movie in a single part:

credit – Budha Subba Music

Star Cast:

Rajesh Hamala – The biography and the list of movies of the superstar of Nepali film industry, Rajesh Hamal are available in the following link:

Jharana Thapa – Actress Jharana Thapa is also a well known actress in the Nepali film industry. The mother of a daughter in her late teen is still featured as a teenager in movies. Read the biography and the list of movies of Jharana in the following link:

Ramit Dhungana – Actor Ramit Dhungana is also a well known actor who is known for his upcoming movie ‘Buddha was Born in Nepal’.

Rejina Upreti – Actress Rejina Upreti has been absent from the film industry after the failure of her debut production ‘Bardaan’. She got married to an UK NRN last year.

4 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Hungama

  1. ramit dhungana is my best hero .malai ramit ekdam man parxa timi harulai man pardaina vane timi haru banauna sakxau buddha was bõrn nepal malai film indastry ma sabai vanda man parne vaneko ramit ramit jasto actor paunu vameko nepal ko lago sobhagya ko kura ho

  2. malai ramit dhungana ali kati pani manpardaina,koon pagal director ko buddhi hola testo pagallai actor banne mauka dine!Nobody like ramit dhungan from hong kong I think only few,if u met him’say him to not to play movies any more n i don’t y he always play at the movie where my best actor/actress play.Badar ramit dhungana,see him crying huh pagal I hate him so much that when i see him at the T.V i want to broke the T.V
    Not only T.V everything including magazines,newspaper

  3. yasto wayat flim bhanaune idea kun director ko tesko dimak ma ali ramro direction garne buddhi aayous mero yo message bata

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