Nepali Movie – Jaalo (Guinness world record holder one-shot film)

Nepali Film – Jaalo
Starring – Nir Shah, Menuka Pradhan, Muna Gauchan, Raymond Das Shrestha, Mohit Munal etc.
Director – Aaraj Khesav

About ‘Jaalo’

This movie is unique in the way it is produced – the movie is shot in one shot – without stopping the camera from start to the end. The suspense thriller film is woven around a wealthy businessman who falls victim to a conspiracy. The film shows how the police try to help the businessman to get out of the plot. The attempt to book the criminal and everything in the film is short in a single shot.

The film “JAALO” is the Guinness world record holder commercial movie – the longest one-shot movie and also the record holder of two movies filmed in one single continuous shot. The film starts on a fine sunny day when a phone rings in Bhupendra Shamsher JBR (Nir Shah)’s house and gets some threatening call.

Watch the full film:

Technical details of the film:

Cast and Crew of Jaalo Movie
Director – Araaj Keshav Giri
Cinematographer – Hari Ghale
Story – Araaj Keshav Giri
Screenplay – Araaj Keshav Giri
Editor – Bipin Malla
Producer – Araaj Keshav Giri, Mohit Munal
Executive Producer – Dhani Giri
Background score – Mohit Munal
Production managar – Shankar Pandey
Colorist – Manoranjan Shrestha
Visual Effects – Satyam Rana, Akki Sharma, Gautam Raj Basant Gharti Magar

The world record holder film features some of the talented actors like Nir Shah and Menuka Pradhan. The film is considered one of the achievements of the Nepali films.

Poster of the film:

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