Nepali movie – Kagajka Paisa

Nepali movie – Kagajka Paisa
Starring – Bhabisya Thapa, Ram Thapa, Rashmi Thapa etc.
Director – Swoorup Chhetri

About the movie:
Made under Swaroop Entertainment banner, the movie is made by Swoorup Chhetri. Chhetri has written the story, edited the movie and directed. He is also the cinematographer and the owner of the banner. The producer is Laxmi Thapa. All the artists in the movie are new faces. Most of the artists are Thapa – Bhabisya Thapa, Ram Thapa, Rashmi Thapa, Kesab Khatri, Sita Thapa, Bhoj Kumari Thapa, Bishnu Baniya, Suresh Thapa, Bel Brd Thapa, Sabita Thapa, Prem Thapa, Gyan Brd Thapa etc. The choreography by Swoorup Khatri, music composition by Sumit Uchai Thakuri and Ganesh Gajmer, singers are Swoorup Chhetri and Juna Lamchane Gurung.

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credit – OSR Digital

The movie looks like a one-man-show. Fully produced and prepared by the director. Most of the actors are Thapa – probably a group with close ties.


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