Nepali Movie – Kunja

Nepali Movie – Kunja
Starring – Ananda Thapa, Rabin Thapa Magar, Sagar Ale Magar, Prasanta Tamang, Pema Chhering Tamang, Manisha Thapa etc.
Director – Kumar Jirel

Watch ‘Kunja’ Nepali full movie:

Credit – Sairam Pictures

About ‘Kunja’

The Nepali movie ‘Kunja’ is a presentation of Lali Gurash music and movies Creation. The movie director by Kumar Jirel is also the producer of the moive. The lyrics of the movie are written by Dinesh Subedi and the music is composed by Sanotsh Pragad and Om Sunar. Camera by Rameshowr Jirel. The singers in the movie are Bishnu KC, Rebika Khati, Bishal Bhattarai, and Shova Tiwari. The script of the movie is also written by Kumar Jirel.

Star cast of ‘Junja’

There are no well known artists in the movie. I don’t know other movies featuring the stars of this movie. The guest artists of the movie are Dilip Thakuri and Pralad Kharel.

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