Nepali Movie – Mamata (Rajesh Hamal, Rekha Thapa, Bipana Thapa)

Barahi Movies Pvt. Ltd. presents,
Nepali Film: Mamata
Casting – Rajesh Hamal, Bipana Thapa, Uttam Pradhan, Rekha Thapa etc.
Director – Anil Sangroula

The movie ‘Mamata’ is a presentation of Barahi Movies. The story of the movie is written by the director Anil Sangaula. Anil is also the co-producer of the movie.

Full movie in a single part:

Credit – AB Pictures Farm

Star Cast:

Rajesh Hamal – Superstar of Nepali film industry, Rajesh Hamal is the undisputed king of Nepali film industry. Watch Rajesh’s movies by clicking in the following link:

Rekha Thapa – The top actress in the Nepali film industry – Rekha Thapa’s movies are listed in the following link:

Bipana Thapa – Actress Bipana was also one of the top actresses in the Nepali film industry until she got married and left the film industry. Following page has the list of the movies by Bipana Thapa.

Poster of the movie:

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