Nepali Movie – Murchanga (Buddhi Tamang, Kala Rai)

Nepali Movie – Murchanga
Starring – Buddhi Tamang, Jiwan Limbu, Kala Rai, Surbir Pandit, Bishnu Sapkota etc.
Director – Dil Prakash Yakso

The movie is a traditional Nepali film featuring culture of typical Nepali society. The name of the movie suggest a traditional musical instrument used in villages.

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Technical Details

A presentation of N.S. International Film, film Murchunga features comedy artists like Buddhi Tamang (Hait), Surbir Pandit (Dari Ba) and Bishnu Sapkota (Harke Haldar).

Presented by Hari Upreti, the story and dialogue of the film is written by well known writer Uday Subba.
Music composed by Bikash Chaudhary
Fight Directors are Rajan, Raju, and Kailash
Dance Director (choreographer) is Dinesh Pakhrin
Editor of the film is Dipak Tamang
Director is Dil Prakash Yakso
The movie is produced by Bhim Fago Chunbang, Rajendra Fago chunbang, Jiwan.

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