Keshav Bhattarai appointed Film Development Board (FDB) chairman

Film actor and producer Keshav Bhattarai has been appointed the new chief of the Nepal government’s film authority body, Film Development Board (FDB). The board chairman Neikita Poudel had recently resigned from the post over her controversial marriage with Rabi Lamichane. The minister wasn’t happy with Poudel, who was appointed by the previous Nepali Congress government. The government had removed Nekita from the post but, the Supreme Court had reinstalled her in the post against the will of the government.

After Neikita married Rabi Lamichhane, minister Gokul Baskota, was highly critical of Poudel. He had also asked his officials to start the process of her removal from the post. He finally resigned herself. Nekita’s marriage is considered to be the main reason behind resignation. Nekita had told that she would work in the social works started by Rabi Lamichhane including the construction of a hospital, Raskot Hospital, in remote location. Rabi’s divorce prior to the marriage also created a lot of headlines in the Nepali media. I had also prepared a video report on the issue.

The cabinet meeting held on Thursday, March 20, 2019, had appointed Keshav Bhattarai as the new chairman of FDB.

After Neikita resigned, a number of hopefuls including director Suchitra KC, Naresh Kumar KC and Yogesh Ghimire had submitted their interest to the post.

Keshav Bhattarai is appointed for a 2-year-term. Bhattarai is considered close to the Communist party and affiliated with Janapakshya Chalachitrakarmi Sangh and the Film Producer association. One of Bhattarai’s productions, film ‘Yatra’ is releasing on Chaitra 29.

In the past, Bhattarai had produced films like ‘So Simple’, ‘Bracelet’, ‘Afno Manchhe’ and ‘Karma Yoddha’.

One of the most important task of the new Board chief is to implement Box Office system in Nepali theatre. Previous chair, Nekita Poudel, had tried to implement it, without much success.

I wish Keshav Bhattarai success in the new responsibility and hope he would help in making the Nepali film industry successful.

Another video about the previous chair:

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