Nepali movie – Mutu

Nepali movie – Mutu
StarringKeki Adhikari, Bimalesh Adhikari, Mukesh Acharya etc.
Director – Surya Bohara

The movie produced, written and director by Everest Surya Bohara, was released in theater in 2015. The movie made under Everest Kala Yatra Films banner features Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh in leading roles. The movie features the action of Surya Thokar, cinematography of Sher Bahadur Lama, Editing of Mitra D Gurung, and child artist is Suprem Shah. ‘Mutu’ was released in theatre on February 7, 2014 with superhit movie ‘Jhola’. Before the release of the movie in Nepal, the movie was premiered in the USA in 2012.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Credits – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast:

Keki Adhikari – Actress Keki Adhikari is one of the top music video model and an aspiring actress in the Nepali film industry. The daughter of well known film director Badri Adhikari. Keki’s movies include ‘Masan’, ‘Punarjanma’ etc.

Bimelesh Adhikari – New actor in Nepali film industry has already left the film industry. He is currently living in the USA.

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