Nepali Movie – My Promise

Nepali Movie – My Promise
StarringKeki Adhikari, Ramesh Rai, Wilson Bikram Rai etc.
DirectorSuraj Subba Nalbo

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About ‘My Promise’

The movie ‘My Promise’ is a presentation of TNRG Production. The movie produced by Ramesh Chandra Rai also features him in the movie. Background score by Mohit Munal, music and lyrics by Mahesh Khadka, choreography Govind Rai, actionRoshan Khadka, editior Banish Shah, cinematographer Sanjay Lama, writer and producer Tanka Limbu

‘My Promise’ was released in theatre in January of 2015.

Star Cast in ‘My Promise’

The movie features actress Keki Adhikari in main role. Keki is one of the best music video model in Nepal. The daughter of a well known film director, Keki, is one of the most educated actresses in Nepali film industry. Although she is appreciated for her acting skills, she doesn’t have many hit movies in her credit.

The actor well known by ‘Takme Budha’ in comedy tele-serials, Wilson Bikram Rai, is also featured in main role.

‘My Promise’ poster

my promise poster 1

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