Nepali Movie – Nata

Nepali Movie – Nata
StarringBhuwan KC, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Ashok Sharma, Gauri Malla, Geetanjali etc.
DirectorBishow Basnet

‘Nata’ is the debut movie of actor Bishow Basnet as a director. Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha debuted in the movie as an actor. The film is the first presentation of Tract Movie Makers’ and produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha.

The movie was a huge success. Chhabi took it off the theaters after it ran for 97 days. He didn’t want it to run through 100 days because of the cost involved in the 100-days celebration and other stuffs. Chhabi’s wife Geetanjali is also featured in the movie. She later committed suicide. After her death, Chhabi married actress Rekha Thapa.

Full movie in two parts:

nata poster 1

The movie is not available now.

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and Naata Ragatko

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  1. kabadi ra jhor movie mattra update gareko chha nata bhanne movie maile 2 years bhayo khojna lageko katai bhetina ra yeha pani chhaina yar Nata film update garrna paryo chhittai

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