Samragyee RL Shah overtook Jassita Gurung to sign in Rato Tika Nidharma

The producer of upcoming Dashain movie ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’, Ashok Sharma, had approached Jassita Gurung for the role. The actress of ‘Lily Bily’ and ‘Love Station’ demanded Rs. 10 lakh for the role. While bargaining for the price, the team has signed in Samragyee RL Shah for the role. In a report, Samragyee was paid higher amount, Rs. 16 lakh for the role.

One of the most popular actress in the Nepali film industry, Samragyee is also one of the busiest actress currently. Samragyee was shooting Nawal Nepal’s ‘Maruni’. In the mean-time she has also signed in ‘Subha Biwaha’ of Hemraj BC. In the movie, Samragyee will romance with Pradeep Khadka. The shooting of the movie however has delayed a while. Right after the completion of ‘Maruni’ Samragyee will start the shooting of ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’.
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Nepali Movie – Jodi No. 1

jodi no 1Nepali Movie – Jodi No. 1
StarringNikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa, Arunima Lamsal, Jiya KC, Ashok Sharma, Nir Shah, Sunil Thapa, Ramchandra Adhikari, Kiran KC, Wilson Bikram Rai etc.
DirectorUday Subba

Watch Full movie ‘Jodi No. 1’ in a single part:

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Nepali Movie – Sita

sita - nepali movieNepali Movie – Sita
StarringBhuwan KC, Sunny Rauniyar, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Saranga Shrestha, Basundhara Bhusal, Rajaram Poudel, Kiran KC, Surendra KC, Rabi Sharma, Ashok Sharma etc.
Director – Ashok Sharma

Nepali movie ‘Sita’ is the second presentation of Film World by Ashok Sharma. The choreographer is Basanta Shrestha, action by Rajendra Khadgi, editing by Harish Patel, cinematography by Mahendra Batra, script / dialogue by Brajesh Khanal, story  / music by Sambhujit Baskota.

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Nepali Movie – Nirmaya

nirmaya nepali movieNepali Movie – Nirmaya
StarringShree Krishna Shrestha, Saranga Shrestha, Ashok Sharma, Deepak Chhetri, Sushil Pokharel, Kiran KC, Rama Thapaliya, Surednra KC, Ramchandra Adhikari, Narayan Tripathi, Hemanta Budhathoki etc.
Director – Ashok Sharma

The Nepali movie ‘Nirmaya’ is a love story drama with comedy and revenge. The script of the movie is written by the musician of the movie Smbhujit Baskota. The movie was released in 1996 and was produced by Kiran Sharma under Films World banner. ‘Nirmaya’ is the fourth movie of Ashok Sharma’s production banner.

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Karishma, Saroj Khanal and Ashok Sharma named Baburam Bhattarai Naya Shakti members

The former Prime Minister, Baburam Bhattarai, has announced a 35-member interim central council of Naya Shakti Nepal in an event organized in Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu. In the interim central council of Naya Shakti Nepal, three Nepali film industry personalities are also included. Actress Karishma Manandhar, actor and producer Ashok Sharma and actor Saroj Khanal are listed as the council members of the new political party, yet to be formally announced.

Video report with the full list of the council members:

The most noted personalities in the council are former finance secretary Rameshwor Khanal, Mumaram Khanal (a political analyst), Keshavman Shakya (former lawmaker), Ganesh Rai (former AIG), and the three film artists.

Also present in the event was the noted businessman Binod Chaudahary, who told that he supports politics of constructive developments and wished best for Naya Shakti.

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Nepali Movie – Dhuk Dhuki

dhukdhuki1Nepali Film – Dhukdhuki
Starring Karishma Manandhar, Rajesh Hamal, Dinesh DC, Gauri Malla, Ashok Sharma, Nir Shah, Basundhara Bhusal etc.
Director Dayaram Dahal

‘Dhukdhuki’ with sub-title ‘The beats of Love’, is a presentation of KK Films Pvt. Ltd. by Karishma Manandhar. The movie is presented by Binod Manandhar, Karishma’s husband and is produced by Ishwor Manandhar and Janaki Manandhar. The movie also features a dog named Champa and actor Salon Basnet in his childhood days with child artist Chandani Pradhan. Guest artists in the film include Deepa Shree Niraula, Shrisha Karki, Pradeep Singh and Madanman Bajracharya. Gauri Malla, Ashok Sharma and Rabi Giri are featured in special appearances.

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Nepali Movie – Milan

milan filmNepali Movie – Milan
StarringShiva Shrestha, Karishma Manandhar, Melina Manandhar, Ashok Sharma, Sushila Rayamajhi, Brajesh Khanal, Tika Pahadi, Saranga Shrestha, Mohan Niraula, Rabi Shah,  etc.
Director – Laxminath Sharma

The third movie by Yeti Production, ‘Milan’ is a presentation of Dr. Subodh Pyakurel. The story, script and dialogue of the movie is written by Brajesh Khanal, action by Rajendra Khadgi, choreography by Basanta Shrestha, Subodh Shreedhar, camera by Raju Bikram Thapa and music by Sambhujit Baskota.

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Nepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha

mero euta sathi chhaNepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha
Starring – Aryan Sigdel, Namrata Shrestha, Jiwan Luitel, Keshab Bhattarai, Ashok Sharma, BS Rana etc.
DirectorSudarshan Thapa

The Nepali Movie ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ was released in 2010 featuring Aryan Sigdel, Jiwan Luitel and Namrata Shrestha. The Namrata’s scandal was released at the time of the release of the movie. The movie is a story of love, loss and a lesson about the important aspects of life. Actress Rekha Thapa is also featured in a special appearance in the movie. After this hit movie, the Namrata-Aryan waited for three before sharing the screen in ‘November Rain’ in 2013.

Full movie – single part:

upload credits – Hi Tech Entertainment

Synopsis : Jay is a spoiled guy who inherits a vast amount of wealth from his grand father. He fails to graduate from college and went back to his village to take care of his property according to his grandfather’s will.

In his ancestral village, he meets his childhood friend Sikha. Sikha helps Jay in rediscovering the better part of him. Shikha however is terminally sick girl who has a dream to build a orphanage.

Watch the movie to know if Jay can save Shikha and will he marry her? What about Sikha’s dream ?

About ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’

The movie directed by Sudarshan Thapa marks the start of the movies featuring the love story of the city dwellers. Before MESC, all the successful movies were made on the stories of the characters that lived in villages. After the success of MESC, other producers have also produced the successful movies featuring the love story of well-to-do families living in the city.

But, the movie is not made on an original story. Although the producers and directors haven’t disclosed it, the story of the movie is a copy of a Korean film named ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’.

The success of the movie established Sudarshan as a credible film director. After about a decade, Sudarshna’s another movie ‘Prem Geet’ was successful. Sudarshan’s latest release, ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ has also received positive response from the viewers.

Nepali Movie – Mitini

Nepali film – Mitini
Starring – Bipana Thapa, Rekha Thapa , Dilip Rayamajhi, Santosh Pant, Uttam Pradhan, Surbir Pandit, Shiva Hari Poudel etc.
Direction – Anish Koirala

‘Mitini’ is a presentation of Film World P. Ltd.  by Ashok Sharma. . Actress Neeta Dhungana is featured as a child artist in the movie.

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Nepali movie – Dewar Babu

dewar babuNepali film – Dewar Babu
Starring – Rekha Thapa, Ramit Dhungana, Biraj Bhatt, Arjun Shrestha, Tripti Nadkar, Ashok Sharma, Hemanta Budhathoki, Sunil Thapa etc.
Direction Gyanendra Deuja

‘Dewar Babu’ is a presentaion of Keshav Bhattarai’s KKD films. The story of the movie is written by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’.

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Nepali Movie – Pocketmar

paketmar filmNepali Movie – Pocketmar
StarringShree Krishna Shrestha, Dinesh Sharma, Ashok Sharma, Barsha Khadka, Sonia Malla, Anita KC, Gopal Raj Mainali etc.
Writer, DirectorRaju Dhoj Rana

‘Pocketmar’ is a presentation of Pratik Film Production. A presentation of Harikrishna Balami, the movie is as story of pickpockets.

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Friday release, Miss Nepal, Jodi No. 1 and Luki Luki

Three new Nepali movies ‘Miss Nepal’, ‘Jodi No. 1’ and ‘Luki Luki’  have released in theater in Nepal on Friday May 30, 2014. While ‘Miss Nepal’ had been very controversial and was been a focus of media for some time, other two movies were relatively unheard of.

Miss Nepal

The movie based on beauty contest Miss Nepal is titled ‘Miss Nepal’ and features the producer Suvekshya Thapa as Miss Nepal. The movie directed by Surendra Tuladhar is going to release in 23 theaters in Kathmandu and 40 theaters out of Kathmandu. With Suvekshya, the movie also features Sabin Shrestha and Kshitiza Shakya in lead roles.

miss nepal poster (2)

The movie got in limelight when Miss Nepal organizer Hidden Treasure tried to block it. Suvekshya also posed topless to get the media attention. She had been actively using social media sites to promote the movie and share the poster for the last few months.

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Nepali Movie – Jali Rumal

jali rumalNepali Movie – Jali Rumal
StarringMithila Sharma, Shree Krishna Shrestha , Melina Manandhar, Sudhanshu Joshi, Ashok Sharma etc.
Director – Anish Koirala

Nepali film ‘Jali Rumal’ is the presentation of Subhakamana Films. The guest actors in the movie include Prakash Thapa, Basundhara Bhusal, Santosh Pant and Raghu Pant. The script of the movie is written by the director Anish Koirala, action by Rajendra Khadgi, choreography by Basanta Shrestha, editing by Narendra Khadka, and cinematography by Chandra Prakash Ghimire. In addition to the music composition, Sambhujit Baskota has also written the story of the movie.
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Audio of ‘Kollywood’ released, again

In a press meet held in Kathmandu, the audio of upcoming movie ‘Kollywood’ was released on December 30, 2012. The music was previously unveiled in a program held in Qatar, and the second release of the CD is believed to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

kollywood_audio release_priyanka_karki

In the audio release program Ashok Sharma was the chief guest. The director Navaraj Acharya, actors Aryan Sigdel, ac
tress Priyanka Karki and the producer Tanka Karki jointly unveiled the music CD. The movie features three songs including an item song. Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi is also featured in one of the songs in the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Yo Maya Ko Sagar

yo_mayako_sagarNepali Movie – Yo Maya Ko Sagar(2001)
Starring,Karishma Manandhar, Ramesh Upreti, Jal Shah etc.
DirectorAshok Sharma

Nepali movie ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’ is a presentation of Ashok Sharma. The movie features the story Raj Kumar Shrestha, action of Rajendra Khadgi. The movie features the most liked couple in Nepali movie industry Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar with another heartthrob of the industry, Jal Shah.

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