Nepali movie – Prem Pinda

Nepali movie – Prem Pinda
Starring Saroj Khanal, Sunny Rauniyar, Nir Shah, Harihar Sharma, Sushila Rayamajhi, Melina Manandhar, Nisha Sharma, Rajpal Thapa, Rajaram Poudel, Narendra Thapa etc.
Story, lyrics – Yadav Kharel
Director – Nir Shah

Krishansu P. Ltd. Presents historical Nepali movie ‘Prem Pinda’. The movie is made on the story (play) written by well known literary figure Balkrishna Sama. The movie was a hit movie of the time.

Full movie in two parts:

Part 1

Part   2

Part   3

Part   4

Part   5

Part   6

Part   7

Part   8

Part   9

Part   10

Part   11

Part   12

Part   13

Part   14

Part   15

Last Part   16

Film poster:

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