Nepali movie – Radha Krishna (Bhuwan KC, Kristi Mainali)

Nepali film – Radha Krishna
Starring - Bhuwan KC, Kristi Mainali, Santosh Pant, Laxmi Giri etc.
Director – Dr. Subodh Pokharel

A presentation of Dr. Subodh Pokharel for Yeti Production banner, ‘Radha Krishna’ was one of the hit movie of its time. The movie features Bhuwan KC with Kristi Mainali in the leading role. In addition to writing the dialogue and script of the film, Brajesh Khanal is also featured in a guest role in the film.

The story of the film is written by the director and producer Subhodh Pokharel himself. Subodh Pokharel is also a medical doctor by training and is also a well known sexologist in Nepal.

Bhuwan KC’s son Anmol KC is one of the top actors in the film industry. It seems, Anmol is going to be more successful than his father. Bhuwan is also a well known producer of Nepali films. Most of his films he had produced are successful movies. Like a lot of Nepali actresses, Kristi Mainali has left the film industry when she moved to the USA. These days, she is also living in the USA and is not heard of much.

These days, Brajesh Khanal has stopped writing scripts of movies and started writing books. The director, Dr. Subodh Pokharel is not active in the Nepali film industry these days.

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