Like a film’s story: Loot producer arrested – for printing fake bank notes

It is more like a story of a film. There is a producer – a reputed and successful producer. And there is a conspiracy going on in his production team. The film’s Art Directors demands fake currency to be used in the film. They print a lot of fake currency. The money was used in the shooting of ‘Changa Chait’, an upcoming movie of Madhav Wagle featuring actress Priyanka Karki with her boyfriend Ayushman Deshraj Joshi. The movie made headlines when Ayushman’s ex-girlfriend also agreed to do a role in the movie.

Video report:

The fake money wasn’t destroyed and kept in Madhav Wagle’s home. Some of the money was taken by one of the crew member and spent in a restaurant. When the restaurant owner found out that the money was fake, they called the police.

The police arrested the person who used fake money to pay their bills. Based on their statement, the police raided the producer’s home and took all the fake currency and arrested the producer.

The producer Madhav Wagle said, “The money was printed for the shooting of the movie. It also clearly mentions that the money is fake currency.” He is right, the bank notes mention that it is not a real money. And all the money have the same number. So, it is easy to identify as a fake currency. But, the damage is already done. A person has used it for business transaction. There is a possibility that more fake money is in the market.

There is also another possibility – there might be other bank notes with different numbers and without the writing that it was “fake currency”.

Was it illegal?

The intent of the producer Madhav Wagle doesn’t seem to be that of abusing the fake money for the following reasons:

  • The money clearly mentions it is ‘fake currency’.
  • The money also says it is for ‘film use only’.
  • The bank note numbers are same in all the notes.

But, based on the information so far, the printing was illegal because of the following reasons:

  • The producers didn’t get the permission of Nepal Rastra Bank – the authority to print the money in Nepal.
  • After the completion of the shooting, the fake money should have been destroyed but, were not.
  • The money should have been secured and should haven’t been allowed to be used by anybody else.
  • Although the money mentions it is a ‘fake currency’ – the writing is very small and is not clearly visible. The words mentioning it is ‘only for film use’ is also very small and not easy to see.
  • About the number being same on all the notes, people wouldn’t notice it unless somebody points it out.
  • It it were only to be used in shooting, there was no need to print both sides. Printing one side would have been sufficient.

This case is going to be a lesson to the future film producers that such cases shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As there is no far reaching damage done by his work, I hope Madhav Wagle won’t get any harsh punishment.


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