Nepali Movie – Riingata

Nepali Movie – Riingata
Starring – Abhilash Acharya, Vikramaditya Shah etc.
Director – Nishchal Poudyal

Watch the full movie ‘Ringata’ in a single part:

Credit – Music Nepal

About ‘Riingata’

The Nepali movie ‘Riingata’ is an award winning Nepali movie made on a story of people during tough times of conflict and war. The movie is sent in the Northern Nepal during the climax of the civil war. The movie is a story of a father and son, an officer of state intelligence agency and a philosophical idealistic rebel.

The cinematographer of the movie is Manoj Kumar Pant. The directo rNIschal Poudel has also written the script and edited the movie.

  • The movie had won the Best Film Awards at the Tryon International Film Festival 2015 North Carolina USA.
  • It had also wont the Best Country Award at the Creactive International Open Film Festival 2016 Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Critics Award (Special Mention) at the Colortape International Film Festival Brisbane, Australia (2016)

Poster of ‘Riingata’
riingata nepali movie poster

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