Nepali Movie – Sangam

Nepali Movie – Sangam
Starring – Ramesh Upreti, Melina Manandhar, Bipana Thapa, Dinesh Sharma, Pushpa Shrestha, Pawan Mainali, Surbir Pandit, Raj Kumar Rai etc
Director – Mahendra Budhathoki

Watch Nepali movie ‘Sangam’ in full in a single part:

Credit RC Pictures.

About ‘Sangam’

Nepali movie ‘Sangam’ is a presentation of RC Pictures, Ithari by Raj Kumar Rai. Raj Kumar Rai is the current chief of the Film Development Board, film regulating agency of the government of Nepal. Rai is also one of the actors in the movie. The love story movie’s sub-title is ‘Endless Love …’

The movie features the story of Ramesh Budhathoki, script / dialogue by late Rabi Kumar, music of Laxman Shesh, choreography of Kamal Rai, action of NB Maharjan, cinematography by Shiva Kishor Dhakal, editing by Banish Shah.

Star Cast in ‘Sangam’

The movie ‘Sangam’ features actor Ramesh Upreti with two well known actresses Melina and Bipana. Ramesh Upreti had lived in the USA for some years and had returned back to Nepal a few years ago. Ramesh’s comeback movie ‘Bracelet’ is waiting to be released in theater (Listen to the songs of ‘Bracelet’).

Actress Melina Manandhar has become a housewife after marrying actor Mukesh Dhakal. Another actress in the movie, Bipana Thapa also stopped acting after marrying. Bipana has married an Indian national and is living with her husband in India these days.

The child artists in the movie are Rajan Lamkade and Sandhya Gautam.

Read the biography and the list of movies of Bipana Thapa in the following link:

‘Sangam’ poster:

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