Nepali Movie – Seto Bagh

Nepali Movie – Seto Bagh
StarringBS Rana, Rajaram Poudel, Nir Shah, Rabi Giri etc.
Director -Nir Shah

Watch the full movie ‘Seto Bagh’ in a single part:

Credit – Highlights Nepal

About ‘Seto Bagh’

The movie ‘Seto Bagh’ was unique in terms of shooting for the television serial and for the feature movie at the same time. The movie is jointly produced by Mahashakti Multi Media and Nir Cinema.The movie features the music of Sambhujit Baskota, cinematography of Sanjay Lama, costume by Nira Rana and the script by the director himself, Nir Shaha.

Star Cast of ‘Seto Bagh’

Initially, the director Nir Shah had wanted to use new faces in the entire crew of the movie. 57 new artists were selected by audition for the movie. The movie was announced in February 2014 and was released after a little more than a year. Later BS Rana was featured as Jung Bahadur. Comedy actor Raja Ram Poudel is also one of the main actors in the movie, featured as the helper of Jung Bahadur.

The director of the movie, Nir Shah is also the producer of the movie based on the popular novel by Dimond Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, ‘Seto Bagh’. The movie however wasn’t well received by the viewers. Nir Shah had previously directed another movie based on another of Diamond’s novel ‘Basanti’. The movie was a hit movie featuring Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar.

Poster of ‘Seto Bagh’

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