Friday release, Gajalu

This week, on June 10, 2016, one of the most awaited movies, ‘Gajalu’ has released in theater. The movie directed Hemraj BC features Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha, Anmol KC, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi, Menuka Paradhan in leading roles. The movie produced by Rohit Basnet is made on the story of the living goddess ‘Kumari’ tradition in Nepal.

Shristi Shrestha is featured as an ex-Kumari in the movie. The premier show of the movie was held in Kathmandu on Thursday. The lead actor Anmol KC didn’t attend the UK premier show of the movie but was present in the Nepal premier show with his father Bhuwan KC.

Watch trailer of the movie:

The response of the viewers in the premier show was positive. The director of the two hit movies of Anmol KC, Hemraj BC was happy by the response of the viewers.

In addition to ‘Gajalu’, the movie ‘Kalo Pothi’ is also releasing in theatres out of Kathmandu. ‘Kalo Pothi’ was liked by the viewers in Kathmandu and it’s demand in places out of valley has caused the movie to release in out of valley theatres.

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