Nirak Poudel marries Anisha Thapa

Nirak Poudel, the son of the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies, Uddav Poudel, has got married to Anisha Thapa.


Previously Nirak was rumored to have an affair with actress Nisha Adhikari. The end of the affair with Nisha was public when Nirak posted a photo of then unknown Anisha in his Facebook profile in January. 

xnepali team would like to offer our congratulation to the new couple and we wish the love between the two last
forever. (Note – the photos are of engagement of the two held on February 14, not the marriage. Photo credits Reema Ghimire, location – Annapurna Hotel, Durbarmarg.)

UPDATE: There were two more celebrity marriages on the same day. Photos of the marriage of singer and musician Satya Raj Acharya and Anita Thapa and ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and Riyaz Shrestha are posted in our Nepali blog. Our congratulation to all the newly wed couples.