Yo Pagal Man to feature Gauri Malla, Sagun Shahi and Barsha Siwakoti

The third movie out of the seven movies announced by Gopi Krishna Movies has been inaugurated on April 22. The movie titled ‘Yo Pagal Man’ is going to feature Gauri Malla, Sagun Shahi and Barsha Siwakoti with Binod Neupane. The movie is going to be directed by Kalyan Adhikari. Kalyan was the assistant director of the Nirak Poudel’s movie ‘Homework’.

yo pagal man team

Gopi Krishna Movies is planning to release seven new movies this year. Nirak Poudel, the son of Uddav Poudel had directed the first in the series, ‘Homework’. The second movie was supposed to be Karishma Manandhar‘s ‘Falgu. But, when Karishma decided to go solo, Uddav announced ‘Thamel dot com’ in Holi. The shooting of ‘Thamel dot com’ is currently going on.

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Gopi Krishna announced Thamel.com

A new movie titled ‘Thamel.com’ has been announced by Gopi Krishna movies. After the completion of the shooting of its movie ‘Homework’, the film maker company has announced the second of its 7-movies plan for the year. Earlier, Karishma Manandhar‘s film ‘Falgu’ was planned to be produced jointly with Gopi Krishna. Karishma later decided to go solo in the production of the movie, causing Gopi Krishna to announce the new movie (Falgu news in Nepliactress.com).

A family drama film ‘Thamel.com’ was inaugurated by the Information Minister Minendra Rijal. The movie being directed by Rajkumar Sharma features a story in the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu. The shooting of the film is scheduled to start on Chaitra 5. In the program, first shot was taken on Pramod Agrahari and Nitu Pokharel. The full details of the cast and crew is yet to be made public.

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Rekha Thapa film Himmatwali released all over Nepal and Gopi Krishna Theater

In spite of the government instruction to the film theaters not to release the movie, Rekha Thapa‘s new movie ‘Himmatwali‘ is released in theaters all over Nepal including Gopi Krishna Theater in Kathmandu.

The government had asked the theater owners to ‘implement the agreement’ and release new Nepali films only on Fridays in theaters in Kathmandu. But the theater owners have broken the decade-long trend of releasing new movies on Fridays by releasing Himmatwali in one of the theaters in Kathmandu.

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Nirak Poudel marries Anisha Thapa

Nirak Poudel, the son of the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies, Uddav Poudel, has got married to Anisha Thapa.

Previously Nirak was rumored to have an affair with actress Nisha Adhikari. The end of the affair with Nisha was public when Nirak posted a photo of then unknown Anisha in his Facebook profile in January. 

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Nepali Movie – Pritiko Phool

2022 UPDATE: The director of the movie Resh Raj Achary has died on February 16, 2022.

Nepali Movie – Pritiko Phool
Starring: Raj Ballav Koirala, Yuna Upreti, Garima Pant, Raja Ram Poudel, Nirmal Sharma, Shiva Shrestha (Guest) etc.
Director – Resh Raj Acharya

A presentation of Abhash Acharya for Gopi Krishna Movies. Produced by Uddav Poudyal, the film ‘Pritiko Phoola’ is made on the story Bijaya Chaudhary. Uddav’s son Nirak Poudel is said to be the Executive Producer of the film. Nirak later debuted as a director of the film ‘Kusume Rumal 2’ and he is planning to direct upcoming film ‘Homework’ featuring Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdel in leading roles. The movie featuring Raj Ballav and Yuna Upreti in leading role also features noted actor Shiva Shrestha in guest role.
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Who loves Nepali movies?

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series.  This however is not a complete picture of Nepali theaters – there are a lot more to be written about. If we choose to publish more articles on the related theme, we will update this article in the future and, add the links to the new articles.

Who loves Nepali movies? we do!

And, there are a lot of our friends, our visitors to this blog – they all love Nepali movies very much. Based on the love of the viewers, a lot of Nepali movies are being produced/released every month. At the same time, everybody agrees that the quality of the movie can’t be compared with Indian, Bollywood movies or English, Hollywood movies. Nepali movies have a limited market and our producers have limited resources in terms of producing movies. Not having a single shooting studio in Nepal explains how poor we are in terms of the infrastructure and resources to produce ‘good movies’. But, everybody admits: with such a limited resources we have witnessed some ‘very good’ movies and, that is something to be proud of.

We started this series to analyze if the theaters are treating Nepali movies fairly. Big Cinema, a theater operating on Indian investment announced not to screen Nepali movies accusing – Nepali movies do not have any quality. If that was the case why did they start the business in an immature market? Said that, we are not against some preferential business. They are free to compete in the free market. At the same time, business logic says that they also need to satisfy their client – Nepali people.

Big Cinema has no emotional attachment to Nepali movies. Theaters owned by our own Nepali citizens have emotional attachment with their own creations (most of them are producers too). But, it is a sad truth that they also prefer foreign movies to Nepali movies.

Fact Check Analysis

  • Big Cinema – You should learn to love Nepali movies if you want to do business in Nepal.
  • Guna Cinema – Heights of discrimination between Hindi movie and Nepali movie viewers.
  • Gopi Krishna Movies – Nepali viewers treated with negligence – discouraging the high class Nepali to watch Nepali moives.
  • QFX Central – Nepali version of Big Cinema. It should learn to love Nepali movies.

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Gopi Krishna Movies case study – Do high class Nepali love Nepali movies?

Editor’s Note: This article is one of the fact-check analyses for the “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series. The case study of Guna Cinema and case study of Big Cinema were previously published. All photos by Raunak.

So-called high class Nepali don’t go to theaters to watch Nepali movies. They say Nepali movies are only for low and lower-middle class people. Why is that?

It is because our theaters practice preferencial treatment to Nepali and Hindi movies! Who would like to be guest to somebody who is so unwelcoming?

Gopi Krishna Movies is one of the biggest multiplex movie theaters in Nepal. Apart from theaters, Gopi Krishna Movies is also engaged in production of Nepali movies. They have been producing at least two movies every year. Like Guna Cinema, Gopi Krishna movies is also directly involved in the betterment of Nepali movies.

Does Gopi Krishna Movies loves Nepali movies?

  • Nepali movies featured in theaters with torn and damaged seats
  • Customer sometimes are forced to watch their home production movie
  • They filter competition when they are featuring home production. Said that, we can safely assume the owner’s friend and families get preferential treatment on holdovers too.

Gopi Krishna has 7 theaters. Out of them, Meera and Radha feature most of the Nepali movies. Recently released movie Dharma, featuring Manisha Koirala, was shown in Radha. The seats shown in Photo 1, is an example of the seats in the theater. Majority of the seats of the theatre are torn and broken. Based on the talents of the crew members and star-casting, the movie was expected to do a very good business, but it wasn’t as successful as expected. We can’t blame the seats, but it would have been better if they could screen such hopeful movies in a better theatre.

Photo 1: Torn seats in Gopi Krishna Movies.

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TV Filmy – formally inaugurated

The first Nepali television channel dedicated to the Nepali film industry is formally started from this Thursday (November 18, 2010). The channel was previously in its test stage.

On the occasion of the inauguration, the hit Nepali movie "Kusume Rumal" was broadcasted in the TV. The channel is the Gopi Krishna movies initiative. Apart from the TV channel, the company has movie theaters, produces movies, and is also building the first large scale shooting studio in Nepal.

TV Filmy to show one Nepali movie, every day

The TV Filmy established by Gopi Krishna movies, is going to telecast a Nepali movie every day. The first Nepali movie will be shown on Firday, October 8, 2010.

Today’s movie is "Arjun" and the show starts at 7:00 PM. The movie will be telecasted again the next day at 7:00 AM to make sure nobody misses it.

TV Filmy is in testing stage and it is not officially inaugurated yet.

TV Filmi – New Television Channel in Nepal by Gopi Krishna Movies

Gopikrishna Movies is going to come up with a new TV channel in Nepal. The channel will only focus on movies and hence the name ‘TV Filmi’.

The TV channel will go live from 31 August 2010.

Uddav Poudel of Gopikrishna movies told that the TV channel will be a 24 hours channel focused mainly on movies. The program VJs and producers will also from Nepali movie industry. Actress Nisha Adhikari (First Love actress) is going to host a live program in the evening.

Farkera Herda – the Flash Back – another Height of plagiarism

After posters of Hifajat, Tridev, and Ghamanda, poster of the latest release of Gopi Krishna Movies, Farkera Herda has also used Photoshop to add Nepali actress Yuna Upreti’s face on a Bollywood actress’s body.

Is Yuna Upreti’s body so bad that they have to use somebody else’s body on her face?

Let’s look at the poster of the movie:

Now, compare Yuna Upreti in the poster above with the photo of Bollywood actress, Katarina Kaif below. Can you see any difference apart from the face?

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