Niru Khadka marriage in trouble? Talks about domestic violence in Facebook

The Nirmali of ‘Meri Bassai’ comedy serial, Niru Khadka, wrote a status in Facebook. The translation of the status reads – “Friends, my family is forcing me to leave my field. But, I can’t leave it. Yesterday, my husband slapped me. My eardrum has broken. What shall I do? Is it better to divorce or quit working as an actress? I need your suggestion.”

Niru, has already deleted the status now but, there is another status in it’s place, that says – she can’t take it anymore.

Niru Khadka Husband

Here are some facts of Niru’s family:

  • Niru Khadka’s husband is Narottam Gautam.
  • Narottam and Niru got married in early 2011.
  • Niru gave birth to a daughter in December of that year, 2011.
  • Niru gave birth to a son in December of 2016


Niru Khadka with her husband Narottam

Niru Khadka marriage

Private information in Facebook

It is not a good practice to share private information in Facebook. Everybody is being constantly watched online so, once shared, it can’t be removed. Although Niru Khadka has already deleted the status in Facebook, the screenshot of the status are saved by a lot of people. So, this status is going to be painful throughout her life.

The information about the problem in Manisha Koirala’s marriage was also revealed when she shared her private information in Facebook. (I haven’t shared the screenshot of the status here because, she has already deleted it in Facebook.)

A 2015 photo of Niru, her husband and their daughter. That was before the birth of their son in 2016.

I wish Narottam and Niru Khadka discuss the issue in detail and solve the problem. Divorce is not a better solution because it is never going to end the relationship because there are two kids who won’t let it happen. Being together and solving the issues in mutual understanding is the best solution. But, it is a personal preferences of the individuals and I hope they will make a right decision that will be beneficial for their future.

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