4 Miss Nepal winners to represent Nepal in International Beauty contests this year

Till last year, top 3 winners of Miss Nepal contests used to represent international beauty contests. Starting this year, one more Miss Nepal will represent Nepal in the international contest. The fourth placed winner of Miss Nepal 2017 will now go to Miss Asia Pacific beauty contest.

Miss Nepal in Miss Asia Pacefic

Although the fourth place winner of Miss Nepal is going to participate in Miss Asia Pacific beauty contest this year, this is not the first time Miss Nepal had participated in the contest. That was the first international beauty contests Miss Nepal used to go before the agreement with the Miss world beauty contest.

The first Miss Nepal, Ruby Rana, (in 1994) participated in Miss Asia Pacific 1994 in Philippines. After Ruby, Miss Nepal 1995 Sumi Khadka and Miss Nepal 1996 Punam Ghimire also participated in Miss Asia Pacific contests.

In 1997, Hidden Treasure secured the agreement with Miss World to participate in a much bigger contest, Miss World. They announced Miss Nepal World beauty contest. The original Miss Nepal contest organizer Kathmandu Jaycees organized its own version of Miss Nepal 1997. The winner of Miss Nepal 1997, Neelima Gurung went to Miss Asia Pacific contest in Philippines. The winner of Miss Nepal World 1997, Jharana Bajracharya, went to Miss World contest held in UK.

After that Miss Nepal 1998, Jyoti Pradhan, also went to Miss World 1998. But, when Jyoti didn’t return back according to the agreement, runner up Niru Shrestha was crowned the Miss Nepal 1998. Niru was later sent to participate in Miss Asia Pacific. After 1998 all Miss Nepal winners have participated in Miss World.

Miss Nepal Application and Auditions

There was a call of application to participate in the 2017 edition of Miss Nepal a while ago (read about it). To select the participants in the contest, the judges are also organizing the auditions to choose participants from all over Nepal. The representatives of the organizers are going to conduct local auditions in seven cities from East to West.

The auditions are scheduled to be held on April 11 and April 13 in a number of cities simultaneously. The auditions in Dhangadi, Nepalgunj, Dharan and Chitwan are scheduled ot be held on April 11 (Chaitra 29) and those in Pokhara, Biratnagar and Butwal are scheduled to be held on April 13 (on Chaitra 31). That is also the last day of the submission of the application to the contest.

Details on the dates, venue, contact phone numbers are given in the following photo:

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