Nisha Adhikari lost her eyesight during pregnancy – eyesight for the baby

Actress Nisha Adhikari has revealed that she lost her eyesight during her pregnancy. The doctors had prescribed her a glass and she is expecting to regain her eyesight gradually. But, according to her statement in her instagram, she is yet to regain it although it has been a couple of months of her child delivery. Some comments on her post has revealed that such thing happens to other mothers too.

A comment says: “I had the same issue. My daughter is almost 17 months but, my eyesight never improved. I don’t like wearing glasses.

Another comment, “This was what exactly happened to me. Your body takes about a year to come back to its form physically and hormonally as well. So wait until a year. Mine got better as my girl is a year old now.”

This is what Nisha wrote:

My vision started getting blurr during the 4th month of my pregnancy. I never had issues with my vision. My OBGYN advised me to wait for 6 to 8 weeks postpartum and then go for a check up. I struggled with my vision during my entire pregnancy, throughout till my postpartum. I wear prescribed glasses now. My vision didn't recover and has not till now. I look at Yuvan, looking back at me with those eyes. Well, it was completely worth it. The only hope is that It will recover after I stop breast feeding, which I am not going to anytime soon. If not, I am going to rock my chasmiss look! 😉 Don't worry! This doesn't happen to everyone and is a very rare case. 🤗 Enjoy your preggo days while they last. Enjoy the lil creation inside you. It s precious. ❤ Letting you know coz no one ever talked about it to me and I was a lil disoriented at first. 🤓 @yuvan5

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And, the taste of life:

Life never tasted this good! 😘 @yuvan5 @sharadcric 😉

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Will Nisha Adhikari be able to give up her glasses ?

Please share your experience and knowledge in comment. And, wish Nisha Adhikari an awesome motherhood and Yuvan a bright future.

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