Nisha Adhikari lost her eyesight during pregnancy – eyesight for the baby

Actress Nisha Adhikari has revealed that she lost her eyesight during her pregnancy. The doctors had prescribed her a glass and she is expecting to regain her eyesight gradually. But, according to her statement in her instagram, she is yet to regain it although it has been a couple of months of her child delivery. Some comments on her post has revealed that such thing happens to other mothers too.

A comment says: “I had the same issue. My daughter is almost 17 months but, my eyesight never improved. I don’t like wearing glasses.

Another comment, “This was what exactly happened to me. Your body takes about a year to come back to its form physically and hormonally as well. So wait until a year. Mine got better as my girl is a year old now.”

This is what Nisha wrote:

My vision started getting blurr during the 4th month of my pregnancy. I never had issues with my vision. My OBGYN advised me to wait for 6 to 8 weeks postpartum and then go for a check up. I struggled with my vision during my entire pregnancy, throughout till my postpartum. I wear prescribed glasses now. My vision didn't recover and has not till now. I look at Yuvan, looking back at me with those eyes. Well, it was completely worth it. The only hope is that It will recover after I stop breast feeding, which I am not going to anytime soon. If not, I am going to rock my chasmiss look! 😉 Don't worry! This doesn't happen to everyone and is a very rare case. 🤗 Enjoy your preggo days while they last. Enjoy the lil creation inside you. It s precious. ❤ Letting you know coz no one ever talked about it to me and I was a lil disoriented at first. 🤓 @yuvan5

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Samragyee & Dhiraj Magar in Intu Mintu Londonma title song

The title song of upcoming movie of Samragyee RL Shah and Dhhiraj Magar features Samragyee with Dhiraj. The film directed by Renasha Bantawa Rai features Sujil Karmacharya. The song shot in London, UK features a lot of scenes of London. The song is written by the singer Sujil.

The movie produced by Prajwal Shumsher JBR and Prabhu Shumsher JBR features Samragyee in the role of Meera. Dhiraj Magar is features in the role of Ishan. The film produced under Eye Core banner is written by Abhmanyu Dikshit and Renasha Rai. The dialogue is written by Abhash Karmacharya. The story of the film is written by Prajwal Shumsher JBR and Renasha Rai. The film is shot by Shailendra Dhoj Karki. The songs in the film are composed by Tsuliz Karmacharya, Hercules Basnet, Swapna Suman and Basanta Sapkota.
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