One of the reasons 'India is worth the trip' – Mt. Everest

Indian_ambassador_Korea_Vishnu_Prakash_smIn an article published in Korea Times, the Indian Ambassador to South Korea, Vishnu Prakash, argued that one of the reasons the North-Eastern part of the country is beautiful because of the existence of Mt. Everest.

The northeastern part of the country where it borders China offers the most beautiful scenic views thanks to Mt. Everest.

The newspaper hasn’t specifically quoted the Ambassador saying the exact words but, it seem to imply that one has to go to India to see Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest h
owever is in the border of Nepal and China, at least 200 km away from the Indian border.

Nepali print and online media have started protest to the statement.

You can read the full article in this link.

6 thoughts on “One of the reasons 'India is worth the trip' – Mt. Everest

  1. xtrmly funny,bein an ambassdor u even dont know india’s everest is not in ur hell india,its in NEPAL,u poor uneducated indian.

  2. really funny 2 hear….. Bein an indian ambassador u even dont know india’s geography, u poor uneducated indian. Mt is in NEPAL, country of mt everest and country of buddha.

  3. He just needs to go back to school and learn more about world history. I feel bad for India and its incompetent foreign service workers.

    • these idiot indian politicians lack general knowledge for sure and think they are free to express everything everywhere to everyone when they are well aware of the fact..they have never said or done anything in the interest of nepal…indians will keep on doing the same coz they find all nepalese sleepin…its time we wake up..

  4. It doesn’t matter what the Indian Ambassador says or implies that Mt Everest is in India. Those who believed in the Ambassador’s words would become instant idiots. May be few Koreans will believe in Ambassador’s interview and visit India to see or climb Mt Everest. No problem with that.

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